BOXHILL DESIGN is our landscape design firm, based in Tucson, Arizona.  We pride ourselves on developing intriguing designs, with longevity and appeal.  We work with a trusted team of installation professionals, artisans, and craftsmen to deliver you the perfect outdoor space.  Whether your design is modest or expansive, residential or commercial, we look forward to working with you, as a valuable client.

BOXHILL is our online retail store that offers a curated selection of modern, outdoor décor.  We strive to bring you a unique selection of items that will enable you to define your personal living space.  We hope to inspire spaces daily for our trade and retail clients, and we value customer service above all else.

LIVE OUTSIDE Blog is our online resource for the outdoor lifestyle community.  Through inspired posts, we connect our readers to a variety of trusted resources for smart design, industry trends, and innovative outdoor products.  We hope to encourage a legion of outdoor aficionados to embrace love, health, and happiness through meaningful interaction with our world, outdoors.


Our mission is to create your perfect, custom space.

  • Beautiful – crafted to suit your individual aesthetic.
  • Functional – designed to solve spatial challenges, and to provide you with a comfortable, and livable space.
  • Mindful – mindful of your budget, of your desired scope and size, mindful of the environment, and of anything else you deem worthy of consideration.

Our perspective is formed by a reverence for classical architecture and beauty, punctuated by a passion for modern design that is fresh and innovative.

Our approach is designed to be flexible and responsive to you – our client.  Whether you are someone who knows exactly what you want, or whether you are someone who would appreciate some guidance with defining your style, we will be there every step of the way to assist you with your vision.

Our experience covers every area of a design, and our expertise extends to a variety of projects, including residential design, commercial design, and professional styling assignments.

  • Residential Projects + Renovations — We are able to produce the schematics necessary for permitting and general construction.
  • Commercial Projects + New Construction — We frequently work in-tandem with both architectural firms and engineering teams.
  • Professional + Editorial Styling — We provide the creative direction and accessory selection to enable you to achieve the perfect ambiance for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our team is a trusted network of professionals who have been collaborating on projects for over 10 years. Comprised of architects, planners, builders, installers, and artisans…our team members are committed to delivering a superior product.  We are based in Tucson, Arizona, but we also work nationally.  We have supervised projects in metropolitan Phoenix, Newport Beach, California, and on the island of Puerto Rico.  We welcome the opportunity to work on creative ventures that are outside of our current locale.

Our principal is Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery. She has over fifteen years of experience in commercial and residential design.  Her hallmark is a clean and modern aesthetic, yet she enjoys creating within a variety of styles, which are guided by her clients’ tastes.  Her designs are built around the following criteria:

  • Pragmatic – designs should answer how a space should be planned, in order to maximize flow and function.
  • Tailored – her designs are thoughtfully crafted with her clients’ desires at the forefront.
  • Possessing Quality + Longevity – each project is viewed as an investment for the client. Both the materials used, and the feel of the design must stand the test of time.
  • Magical – Elizabeth’s favorite aspect of the design is the layering on of fresh elements (such as lighting, furniture, and accessories,) to create a feeling that is “just right” for the client.

Educated in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona, Elizabeth also draws on her travels to the Caribbean, Turkey, Thailand, France, and South America to inspire her signature designs.


Our company specializes in delivering the perfect outdoor space to each of our clients. Our team of experts provides a breadth of experience that enables us to remain on the innovative, leading edge of our industry.

Landscape Design - 15 years
Blogging - 4 years
Retail Sales - 3 years
Educating / Consulting - 13 years
Creative Styling - 7 years



ElizabethElizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery

Owner + Principal

Elizabeth is an award-winning landscape designer and the principal designer at Boxhill Design. She is the owner of BOXHILL (an online retail store,) and the creator of LIVE OUTSIDE Blog.  She is a creative stylist, an educator, a public speaker, and a product designer whose line of fire pits has received national acclaim.

Carrie D

Vendor + Customer Relations

Carolyn B

Accounts Receivable

KharaKhara D

Marketing + Research

Phil C

Systems Architect


Are you a motivated student who is interested in an internship at Boxhill Design?  We are looking for driven, inspired individuals with an interest in landscape design, graphic design, drafting, creative writing, and/or online retail sales.  If you would like to apply for an internship with our company, please send your resume to elizabeth [at] boxhilldesign.com.

We are always looking for experienced drafters that are skilled in rendering landscape designs, with various levels of detail and complexity.  If you are interested in working with Boxhill Design, please send your resume, along with a sample of your work to elizabeth[at]boxhilldesign.com.

Are you a graphic designer with a modern and refined aesthetic?  We are interested in seeing your work!  We are looking for freelance graphic designers who are able to create graphic art for our online retail store and our blog.  Please send your resume and examples of your work to elizabeth[at]shopboxhill.com.

We are always looking for writers who would like to author content for our outdoor lifestyle blog.  If you are looking for a creative outlet, and you are a fellow outdoor enthusiast, please send your resume and a few relevant pieces you have authored to elizabeth[at]boxhilldesign.com.