As an interior designer, I recognize the importance of first impressions. Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery of Boxhill Design shares that same innate awareness, and it shows in her amazing landscape designs.  Elizabeth’s creativity and careful planning is matched only by her firm’s knowledge, skill, and professionalism.

Lori Carroll
Lori Carroll & Associates

In Spring of 2010, we attended a landscaping design lecture which was sponsored by our homeowner’s association.  Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery was the featured designer.  Immediately engaged by her bubbly, fun, and refreshing personality, we asked her for a personal consultation right after her lecture concluded.  Within weeks, we started a project to redesign our front entry from the ordinary, “basic builder” look, to a front courtyard with seating and planting areas.  Our rear yard was also completely redesigned, giving a new look to our pool and patio area that was both contemporary and exciting!  Never in our wildest dreams could we have come up with this plan on our own.  Now that the major work is complete, we are putting the finishing touches on the plantings and other elements.  We can’t wait for our families to come down to enjoy it!

Carolyn Corwin
residential client

We can’t say enough positive things about our work with Boxhill Design, and its founder and owner, Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery. We have a large yard, and Elizabeth took the time to really listen to us about the look that we wanted to create for the landscape.  She was on-target the first time out with the design, and we worked together to create a wonderful desert look, with color and panache.  Elizabeth offered ideas and gave the pros and cons of each one, explaining the subtleties between one look/style and another.  We felt so involved with the process, and we felt like she total “heard” what we wanted.  We love our yard, and we have had so many compliments from people driving or walking through our neighborhood.  You rock, Elizabeth!

Donna + David Litton
residential clients

The recent remodeling and expansion of Ola Lola Garden Bar and Grille, in Isabela, Puerto Rico, owes its very existence to Elizabeth.  With her help, we turned a badly outgrown rum shack in to a larger, more enjoyable and functional, outdoor bar and restaurant.  She listened to us—our ramblings, our vision—and then distilled that into a workable design which managed to keep the feel and essence of our original establishment.  Elizabeth helped us fit those things we needed into that which we wanted.  She allowed us to have fun during the serious business of a remodel, yet still managed to keep us focused and on-track.  Her ideas helped us refine our vision, and the final project was even better than we had hoped.  We got a design that captured the natural beauty of our island surroundings, an awareness and opportunity to be totally “green” with our water and energy, and a functional, intimate, and customer-friendly outdoor restaurant and grille.  WE LOVE BOXHILL DESIGN!!

Ola Lola
garden bar

Elizabeth has an absolutely unique style.  Her eclectic taste and vision has enabled some of our greatest works to date.  It has been our privilege to work with her on a number of past projects, with varying complexities.  We are so happy that she is part of our team!

Jack Hamilton
landscapes by turftek


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