Outdoor Lake House Style Guide

Its very hot this summer in the Southwest and we’re dreaming of that house on the lake, where you’re jumping off the dock, taking long naps, getting that summer glow, and spending the whole day outside.  Here’s a few tips for the lake life dream. Outdoor Dining Area If you’re at the lake house, you’re…


3 Garden Trends We Love

Going for something fresh and modern this summer? Switch it up with a minimalist look, structural background, or try going waterless. Here are a few garden trends we adore at BOXHILL.   Minimalist…ish. Okay so not crazy minimalism. But gardens don’t have to be over the top either. Subtle textures and minimal color pallets are…


Best Hostess Holiday Gift

Attending a party for the 4th? Here are a few ideas for bringing back the “lost art of the hostess gift.”  After all, it’s the hostess that does all of the party planning…why not bring her a special gift that shows her how much you appreciate her efforts? Gardener Hostess If your hostess is a…



Grow a new garden for the new year! BOXHILL + LIVE OUTSIDE Blog show you how to get started with garden boxes, organic seeds, and hand-crafted tools!



Earlier this year, we were busy putting together some fabulous red and white products for our Valentine’s Day sale, and we received the most exciting phone call, ever—CBS’s “Fix It & Finish It” was coming to Tucson, Arizona, and two of our colleagues had been chosen as featured designers.  They were tasked with making over a midtown home, and they needed BOXHILL’s help!  A design show on CBS, a fabulous backyard makeover from Boxhill Design, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.?  Oh, yeah.  We were SO in!

It’s Spring at Boxhill!

“I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden.” — Ruth Stout

Spring is here, and we at LIVE OUTSIDE couldn’t be more excited!  It’s the King of Seasons, and it has also become our King of Reasons…like, the reason we give to justify anything.  Observe us in action”

“I want to paint my front door yellow!”  “Why?”  “Um…because it’s Spring?”

“I want to make a big batch of lemon-thyme water!”    “Why?”  “Because it’s Spring.”

“I need to buy an entirely new wardrobe in white, centered around signature pastel accessories, and especially — but not limited to — mint green.”  “Uh, what??  Why?”  “BECA– USE.  IT’S.  SPRING.”

See?  It works for everything!


It’s Time to Grow at Boxhill

Garden lovers everywhere know this feeling…it’s time to GROW. Shop Boxhill for a great selection of watering cans, non-GMO seeds, and all of your gardening needs! Products That Will Grow On You If you know a gardener who needs a gift, then head over to Boxhill and pick up the Humble Seed Trio Gift Basket.  It…


Smarty Plants Shop at Boxhill

Garden lovers…show off your Smarty Plants!  Boxhill has you covered with the Top 5 must-have items for Spring!  Stop into the shop, and see what’s new! Must-Have for Spring Plants We are so excited to offer our readers the entire line from Woolly Pockets.  The Wally One and Woolly Wally enable planting on walls, both indoors…


Grow Your Garden, Without a Green Thumb

Fresh, local produce is the way to go.  But it can be expensive to buy and hard to grow, especially in the city.  Gardening can involve a lot of guesswork, whether it’s picking the right plants and seeds or matching it with the right spacing and planting times.  But, worry no more because with UrbnEarth’s…