Fire Pit Buying Guide

Fall is around the corner and we’re dreaming of the perfect fire pit and an evening with family and friends. Buying a fire pit is not easy; you have to make some decisions about space, height, style, and fuel options. If you’re thinking about investing in a fire pit, here are a few tips on finding…


Outdoor Lake House Style Guide

Its very hot this summer in the Southwest and we’re dreaming of that house on the lake, where you’re jumping off the dock, taking long naps, getting that summer glow, and spending the whole day outside.  Here’s a few tips for the lake life dream. Outdoor Dining Area If you’re at the lake house, you’re…


Aztec Round Beach Towel | BOXHILL

How to Pull Off the Perfect Picnic

First of all, happy 4th of July from all of us at BOXHILL! We hope you had a great day with family and friends. Second, July is National Picnic Month. And who doesn’t love a picnic? Head outdoors and enjoy the summer evenings with our picnic essentials. Trust us, you can totally pull it off.  …


Best Hostess Holiday Gift

Attending a party for the 4th? Here are a few ideas for bringing back the “lost art of the hostess gift.”  After all, it’s the hostess that does all of the party planning…why not bring her a special gift that shows her how much you appreciate her efforts? Gardener Hostess If your hostess is a…


Fountains: 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect One

There is no doubt that the quickest way to give your outdoor space an oasis-like atmosphere is to add fountains. Few things on earth emit a more soothing sound. We’ve collected a few helpful tips to guide you in your quest to pick out just the right one.     1 – DECIDE ON PLACEMENT…



BOXHILL's Lustrous Easter Wreath Collection from |"

Easter is almost here!  With this holiday season comes those delicious Cadbury eggs, a flood of glorious pastels, and the promise of warmer weather!  (We’re SO in.)  To help usher in this season, we’ve put together a fun selection of colorblocking wreaths from BOXHILL. They’re chic, they’re colorful, and their modern aesthetic will compliment your decor throughout the entire year — let’s get started!



5.0 Shades of Grey from |" LIVE OUTSIDE Blog and BOXHILL unite to bring you 5.0 Shades of Grey

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that “grey” is the most talked-about color for February 2015.  In honor of this popular hue, we’ve decided to feature a selection of five (5.0) of the most glorious grey items offered by BOXHILL.



Choosing an exterior paint color can be a overwhelming. LIVE OUTSIDE gives you tips on how to confidently select a color palette.

Of all the design choices we’ve ever made, the staff at Live Outside Blog wholeheartedly agrees with one thing – choosing a paint color scheme for the outside of your home is the most daunting design decision out there.

Perhaps it’s the sheer volume of a single paint color (or the associated cost!) Maybe it’s the difficulty in imagining how a single swatch of paint will feel once it is magnified 2000 times over. It’s hard to say, but an errant color choice for an accent wall (in the privacy of your home) seems a lot less traumatic than choosing the wrong color for an entire house…you know, where all of your neighbors can see, and cringe right along with you.

Yep. We’ll say it. Picking out a house color is downright intimidating. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself along with choosing your palette.



Earlier this year, we were busy putting together some fabulous red and white products for our Valentine’s Day sale, and we received the most exciting phone call, ever—CBS’s “Fix It & Finish It” was coming to Tucson, Arizona, and two of our colleagues had been chosen as featured designers.  They were tasked with making over a midtown home, and they needed BOXHILL’s help!  A design show on CBS, a fabulous backyard makeover from Boxhill Design, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.?  Oh, yeah.  We were SO in!



Ahoy Matey!  Anchors Away!

This week at LIVE OUTSIDE, we’re digging the nautical vibe.  We recruited fellow fashion sailor, Sydney Ballesteros, of Golden Girl of the West blog, to bring you some sea-worthy goodness for your home and outdoor space.  Aaaaaand, we’ve got some adorable DIY projects that will help you get your nautical wardrobe looking ship-shape!


Syd loves outdoor entertaining, so she instantly gravitated towards the collection of Amalfi Melamine Tableware.  These plates and serving pieces are a cheeky twist on a classic china pattern.  Crabs, fish, lobsters, seahorses, octopuses, and whales POP against a navy blue background.  (Or, pick up a set of the same patterns on classic white.)  Durable melamine is dishwasher-safe and kid-friendly.  We can’t think of a sweeter addition to your picnic tables!  Pair them up with a chic set of grey and cream Maritime Coasters, for a touch of sophistication.