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Unexpected personality in a standard tract house. An eye-catching backyard for fun clients with a modest budget.

The objectives for the client were:
  • Design-on-a-budget, and include one “big splurge” feature.
  • Incorporate bold color.
  • Create a space for entertaining, including a bocce ball court.

Our fun, young clients lived in a tract house, yet they longed for something that would be “different from the neighbors.”  With a modest budget, they could only afford to splurge on a single feature, yet they were torn between both fire and water.  Melding those two elements, we came up with a bold statement piece — a gigantic outdoor fireplace, painted an electric shade of chartreuse.  The wide mouth of the hearth held a crackling flame behind sheets of water that poured into a bed of bright, white rocks.

As a nod to their Italian heritage, we framed out a bocce ball court in their long, linear side yard.  The remainder of our budget went to pedilanthus, golden barrel cacti, and a single tree.  For weekend bocce ball tournaments, we added some DIY magic by painting a picnic table with chartreuse racing stripes.  We added a center trough for holding ice and cold drinks.  The clients were thrilled with their new, statement backyard.  The juxtaposition of the design in a tract house setting made it truly transformative.

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Landscape Design
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“We’re the talk of the neighborhood! Who would have expected a surprise like this? We love it!”
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B. Bastine

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