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An aging, architectural gem with dense overgrowth, good hardscape, and a problematic entrance.  Clients desired to return the residence to its historic, former glory.

The objectives for the client were:

  • Remove overgrowth and past-prime plants, and keep the existing hardscape.
  • Address the problematic front entrance.
  • Create a manageable landscape that is appropriate for the architecture of the residence.

This fabulous Joesler residence was in need of some serious landscape TLC.  Keeping the “good bones” of the flagstone hardscape, we removed the plants that were either past their maturity or dying, and we carefully trimmed back and pared down the existing, salvageable plants.  Eliminating the overgrowth allowed the 50-year old olive and mesquite trees to emerge.  Drought-tolerant, Mediterranean plants (citrus, jasmine, and pomegranate) popped against the smooth, white stucco of the curved seat walls.  An outdoor kitchen and fire pit area allowed for enjoyment of the space during evening hours.

Guests were prevented from seeing the house with the current driveway configuration, and parking was non-existent.  We mitigated this by creating a long driveway at the front of the property with a romantic turnabout, and lined with citrus trees in huge, Turkish oil jars.  Crushed pea gravel announced visitors’ arrival, directing them towards a landing pad with an apron, tiled in black and white Tabarka terra cotta.  A modern, Islamic gate provided the perfect architectural endnote to this custom design.

Core Competencies


Landscape Design
Editing + Clean-Up
Knowledge of Historic Design
Knowledge of Global Design
Outdoor Entertaining


“Elizabeth’s aesthetic is unmistakable.  Clean, modern, and original – simply beautiful.”
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D. Hazelbaker

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