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Editorial photoshoot for Matchbook Magazine’s June 2014 issue.

Creative Team:
  • Creative Director:  Sydney Ballesteros
  • Photographer:  Puspa Lohmeyer
  • Makeup:  Tangie Duffey
  • Prop Stylist:  Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery

Elizabeth brought her creative vision to life in this ‘60s-inspired, vintage photoshoot.  Hiring the power duo of Sydney Ballesteros as creative director, and Puspa Lohmeyer as photographer, her dream of a poolside afternoon under the desert sun was featured alongside design legends Emily Henderson and Bonnie Tsang.

Shot on-location at a house that was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright’s, Elizabeth was in-charge of set design, and she provided several pieces, such as this modern fire pit, and this outdoor rug, available at BOXHILL.

Core Competencies


Product consultation
Set design
Product acquisition
Collaboration + networking
Creative direction
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