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A picturesque, Santa Fe-style adobe with unforgettable views.  Long-time Ohio natives chasing the dream of southwestern sunsets and saguaros.

The objectives for the client were:
  • Work with the existing hardscape, wherever possible.
  • Stay within budget.
  • Design the space to embrace outdoor living, in a modern rustic style.

Enamored with the Desert Southwest, our clients bought an enviable bungalow in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona.  This Georgia O’Keeffe-style gem in white adobe was the perfect canvas for a modern rustic style, and we helped them continue the feeling of “barefoot elegance” to their outdoor space.  Staying on-budget meant designing with smart, small-scale changes that delivered a big impact.

The existing hardscape was in good condition, so our only demolition was to a non-functioning fountain.  Matching the 40-year old tile that remained would have been futile, so we treated the new patches with an acid wash that allowed for seamless transitions.  An Asian-inspired fire pit, along with a modern, concrete table offered an eclectic, worldly look next to the ultra-modern outdoor furniture.  A selection of pedilanthus, ocotillo, and ornamental cacti kept the aesthetic simple and clean.

Core Competencies


Landscape Design
Product Sourcing
Creative Stylist


“Elizabeth just ‘gets’ us – we love her like a daughter. I couldn’t be happier in my new home.”
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J. Lassar

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