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A gated, residential community in the Dove Mountain area of Marana, Arizona. Luxury homes and all-amenities living against the backdrop of the picturesque desert.

The objectives for the client were:
  • Develop a design for each residence, as specified by the builder’s chosen theme.
  • Work with the interior designer to ensure an inside-to-outside flow of design.
  • Include standard outdoor features, but make them appear unique to each home.

Designing the landscapes for an entire community of luxury homes was one of our favorite projects at Boxhill Design.  We began with the model homes, which were intended to be sold as residences in the near future, so we designed them with that in mind.  Each home had a design theme that was selected by the Ritz-Carlton builders, and each had standard features that were mandatory for inclusion.

Working with the interior design team, we used their mood boards for the residences as a starting point.  This ensured that the interior design flowed smoothly into the outdoor area, and that the spaces looked purposeful in design.  Outdoor kitchens, pools, firepits, fountains, and spas were designed around themes such as New Modern, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean Modern, and Western Ranchero.  Each space was carefully considered so that it would look unique, yet also feel at home on the same block with the other residences.

Core Competencies


Landscape Design
Community Integration
Team Coordination
Creative Stylist


“Elizabeth is so easy to work with on projects. We’ve built a solid relationship through years of artistic collaboration.”
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L. Carroll
interior designer

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