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Historic home gets an infusion of Spanish Colonial Modern, in a beautifully restrained way. Retired California natives who had a wonderful eye for design.

The objectives for the client were:
  • Design a Spanish Colonial landscape without letting it venture into a caricature of the style.
  • Keep the mature vegetation, wherever possible.
  • Design a plant plan that would survive for many years.

This residence was a lovely, historic home to our clients that were newly-arrived from California.  They favored a Spanish Colonial style for their landscape as a complement to the bones of their home, but they were careful to note that it should not resemble a period movie.  They wanted an edited, modern take on Spanish Colonial style, and they desperately needed a plant plan that would last them for more than a few months of the year.

We trimmed back the existing, towering trees and were able to leave them in the design.  Beautiful, classic hardscape was added, along with perimeter walls, lighting, a fireplace, and a colonial-style fountain.  We prepared an extensive list of desert-friendly plants and asked the clients to select their favorites for the plant plan.  The centerpiece of the yard was a stunning black pool, in a historic design and shape, which truly embodied a Spanish Colonial-meets-Modern look.

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“Elizabeth gave us a beautiful design. The pool is so intriguing!”
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J. Bartick

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