Client: Steel Life

Project: Mezzo Mod Dish

Creative direction: Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery

Designer: Shannon Lester

A family trip to Oregon’s Rogue River inspired Shannon Lester to create a line of xeriscaping vessels that resemble the panning trays of gold prospectors. Placing great importance on American-made, raw, and salvaged materials, Steel Life combines the artistry of local craftsmen with a modern, minimalist style.

BOXHILL collaborated with Steel Life to produce a signature color for their popular Mezzo Mod Dish. To commemorate the launch of BOXHILL’s LIVE OUTSIDE Blog, they created a shade inspired by the warm rays of the summer sun. The popularity of “(Not So) Mellow Yellow” quickly earned it a place in the company’s permanent collection of colors.

Shop for the BOXHILL-Steel Life Mezzo Mod Dish here, at BOXHILL:

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