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Commercial landscape design for the Veterinary Specialty Center in Tucson, Arizona, with a memorial comfort garden for owners of beloved pets.

The objectives for the client were:
  • Create a plantscape with all pet-friendly species.
  • Address the considerable drainage issues.
  • Design a peaceful comfort garden where owners may honor their treasured pets.

This project involved a redesign of the entire landscape for a veterinary clinic.  Due to the unique clientele, we had to make sure that we used only plants that were 100% safe for curious pets who would choose to explore the space.  The facility had been constructed two inches lower than the surrounding area.  It became the collection point for all drainage water in the area, proving to be a considerable challenge during the raining season.  We mitigated this by digging a massive basin underneath the space, encouraging drainage water to roll away from the building instead of towards it.

To beautify the spiritual comfort garden, we added a trellis installation as an interactive art piece.  Beloved pets were memorialized by bells, purchased by their owners, and engraved with their pets’ names.  The bells were hung on the trellis, alighting the garden with beautiful, soft chimes whenever the wind blew.  The profits from bell sales were able to fund a 501c3 charity to support pets in need.

Core Competencies


Landscape Design
Commercial Planning
Artistic Accents


“The comfort garden was exactly what we needed on an incredibly hard day for our family. Thank you.”
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J. Barnes
veterinary client

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