The steps towards your finished design:

The Design Questionnaire

The first step of the design process is to take a moment and fill out our Design Questionnaire.  It’s an invaluable tool that allows us to better serve you, as the client.  We want to know about your likes and dislikes, your personality, and your style.  This is the beginning of our journey together, and our destination is a beautiful, new space for you!

Initial Consultation

After we receive your Design Questionnaire, we will begin by scheduling an initial consultation with you on-site, at the project’s location. During our meeting, we will discuss your individual wants and needs, and we will develop a strategy for how best to incorporate these into your design. We will also discuss your budget for this project, so that we may create a custom design for you that is the appropriate scope. On site, we will do a walk-through of your project area to gain a thorough understanding of the space. We will identify opportunities to provide solutions to existing challenges, and we will discuss options for catering the design to your personal style.

Our Contract

Using the information gathered at our on-site meeting, we will create a custom design contract for you. This contract will cover the scope of the design — detailing both major and minor projects — and it will include a breakdown of estimated design fees for you to review and approve.

Measurements, Survey, Site Plan

After the contract has been signed and approved, we will arrange a visit to the project site to perform an in-depth analysis of the space. We will take detailed measurements and photographs, for reference purposes. We will also inventory all existing elements and features of your space. This information will be documented and used in creating a to-scale base map of the project site (“The Master Plan”) using our advanced AutoCAD software.

Design Conceptualization

During this stage, we will create visual aids that conceptualize the requirements of your project, as defined by your personal style. We will present full-color design sketches, mood boards, and a “bird’s eye view” of your space – all of which will help you visualize the design in its final stage.  Communication between you and our team is critical during this phase – we want to hear your opinions! If the concept needs to be adjusted, then this stage is the last opportunity for that to happen. Our ultimate goal for this phase is to move forward with a design that has been agreed upon by the entire team. Once that has been accomplished, we will go over a customized preliminary cost analysis of your project, ensuring it remains within budget. Finally, we will begin discussions about the installation.

The Master Plan

Following the final approval of your design, we will create a detailed set of to-scale working/construction schematics — The Master Plan — which will then be used to bid and install your design. These drawings will be created in AutoCAD, and they will typically include a site layout, dimensions, grading, planting, lighting plans, irrigation, and detailed depictions of certain design elements. These construction drawings may be used as a “paint-by-number” plans set. With them, you will have everything you need to be able to build your project in an easy, and manageable way. After we deliver your Master Plan, you will then have the opportunity to complete aspects of the project yourself, to bid them out to different contractors, or to hire our experienced team of professionals to install your design.

Our Worry-Free Installation

As we say in the design business, “You are only as good as your installer.”  Truer words were never spoken, and because of this, we have spent years sourcing and developing our team of installation professionals.  Simply put, our team is the best.  They pride themselves on delivering impeccable quality with superior professionalism. With our trustworthy installation team, we are able to offer our clients our “Worry-Free Installation” package, where we handle every aspect of the design installation for you. Although this is an extra charge, our clients find this to be a very worthy investment. Our ultimate goal of this phase is to ensure your complete satisfaction and happiness.  We will carefully select and price all of your different project materials and finishes, delivering the look that you want, while keeping you under budget.  We will handle every aspect of bidding your project to trusted contractors, ensuring that you receive a quality product, at a fair and competitive price.  Finally, we will provide professional oversight and management of the entire project, covering every detail, from start to finish, and keeping you informed along the way.  Let our team of industry experts provide you with the peace of mind that only comes with Boxhill Design’s Worry-Free Installation!

Professional Photography

After your design has been completely installed, we often hire a professional photographer to preserve and record your finished project through a series of professional photographs.  These photographs will be added to our professional portfolio, however, we insist on maintaining the privacy of our clients—personal, identifying details of your design will always remain confidential.  If you would like a personal copy of these photographs, please let us know!  We would be happy to work with you on this request.

Still have questions?

We understand that designing a landscape can be a daunting, complicated project.  Knowledge is empowering!  If you still have unanswered questions about our design process, please feel free to drop us a line.

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