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Choosing an exterior paint color can be a overwhelming. LIVE OUTSIDE gives you tips on how to confidently select a color palette.

Of all the design choices we’ve ever made, the staff at Live Outside Blog wholeheartedly agrees with one thing – choosing a paint color scheme for the outside of your home is the most daunting design decision out there.

Perhaps it’s the sheer volume of a single paint color (or the associated cost!) Maybe it’s the difficulty in imagining how a single swatch of paint will feel once it is magnified 2000 times over. It’s hard to say, but an errant color choice for an accent wall (in the privacy of your home) seems a lot less traumatic than choosing the wrong color for an entire house…you know, where all of your neighbors can see, and cringe right along with you.

Yep. We’ll say it. Picking out a house color is downright intimidating. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself along with choosing your palette.