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Every Monday Live Outside publishes interview stories that feature our favorite designers, fabricators and products in the landscaping and outdoor design world.

We have featured designers such as Brandon Gore, Molly Wood and Shannon Lester just to name a few. Design companies like Soundscapes International, Terra Trellis, Half 13 and Modfire have also been highlighted.

But why- what is the purpose of sharing these designer interviews and product spotlights?

The Devine Designer: Molly Wood and Her Favorite Picks!

Interview by Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery
Written by Emily Ann Jones


I have always admired Molly Wood and one afternoon I had the honor of meeting with her for lunch and what was supposed to be an ordinary interview instead turned into a great conversation!

I mean come on- the woman has it together. Not only does she have great personal style, but she also has impeccable design taste and a ferocious business sense to boot. 

Natural Holiday Decor

I do a slow drive by and even a quick couple of U turns to crush and gush on homes that are beautifully decorated. I imagine the family inside, the husband would be eagerly awaiting each holiday to HAPPILY hang each seasons decorations, the wife would be crafting these months before and the kids would walk home from school so proud of there gorgeous spirited home. I love making up stories about other peoples lives in my head. Ha , because I know thats not how life really is. I especially love it when the decorations are natural and have organic elements or funky found objects, wreathes made of wood that look like they just washed up on shore.

We’re Going to Molly Wood!

Once a year for the last 6 years, I’ve been driving to Newport Beach to visit family. Every single time I made the road trip out there from Arizona, I passed this cute little boutique-y  cottage, of garden designer Molly Wood, and never made it in. So this day I finally made my family stop the car and  and get myself into this sweet little house, my intention was to  just “pop in” and take a quick peek around. This did not happen. I walked into a wonderland of garden design ~LOVE~ I stayed for an hour just admiring the work of Molly Wood.