Comfortable Modern Living

When many people speak about Modernism or hear about “Modern Living”  with architecture or furniture, they generally think of boxy, empty, straight and cold design. Whenever I suggest a modern design to my clients, they often dismiss my suggestions, claiming that the look is too “harsh”, “uncomfortable”, or “cold”.

I’m here to tell you that I think that is a bunch of bull honkey.To the untrained eye, the modern look can easily seem uncomfortable and solely exists to serve as an aesthetically pleasing design without any functionality. However, modern design, contrary to popular belief, is rather warm and welcoming when executed properly. In addition to a clean and sleek appearance, most modern designs today are composed of organic and/or sustainable materials to benefit the environment. I’m here to dispel all the rumors about modern furniture and provide solid evidence for all of claims, so hang in tight because you’re about to blown out of your old-fashioned chairs. Modernism is here to stay!

We’re Going to Molly Wood!

Once a year for the last 6 years, I’ve been driving to Newport Beach to visit family. Every single time I made the road trip out there from Arizona, I passed this cute little boutique-y  cottage, of garden designer Molly Wood, and never made it in. So this day I finally made my family stop the car and  and get myself into this sweet little house, my intention was to  just “pop in” and take a quick peek around. This did not happen. I walked into a wonderland of garden design ~LOVE~ I stayed for an hour just admiring the work of Molly Wood.